Silver Tips - White Tea, Navalapitiya, Sri Lanka

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

White Tea facts...

  • White tea comes from the uppermost buds of the tea

  • White tea can be chewed or boiled in for 5 minutes before drinking.

  • Neither milk nor sugar added to white tea.

  • Per kilo is Rs.6,000- Rs, 7,000; ($ 60-70).

  • Export market in Arab countiries. They give white tea as wedding gift to their children and believe it's a prestigious gift for their loved ones.

  • During rain season price of white tea goes up, because cannot ferment it in sunrise.

  • White tea is being produced in Sri Lanka for the past twenty years.
    It was grown in low grown areas earlier, and high grown areas have started to produce later.

  • Now it's being produced in low and high grown areas. The white tea is never touched by an ungloved hand.

  • Fifty percent of the tea factories in Sri Lanka produce at least one kilogram of white tea per month. The tea must dry naturally, not in machines.

White tea - Mellow yellow: the brew has "fine, subtle fragrances".

52 years old Paul Gnanasekeram tasting the white tea.

Silver tips

Silver tips

Silver tips

Silver tips

48 years old Mariyayi Kaaliyan has been plucking tes for the past twenty five years. She likes it very much. She has to take care of her three unmarried daughters in Nawalapitiya.

37 years old Rajakumari Aachchimuththu has been plucking tea leaves for the past fifteen years. Her husband works as a labourer. She has three children to look after, who are still schooling.